The VIP Age

Today I checked in to my haircut as I was leaving my desk, which allowed me to fly past the peasants sitting in the waiting area and immediately sit down on my grooming throne. Welcome to the VIP age. 

With the touch of virtual button, I can hail a private black car to my exact location, hop into the car, and out of the car without so much as reaching for my wallet . No cumbersome cash or credit cards necessary. 

I even have a personal financial advisor who organizes, categorizes, and analyzes all my finances for free.

Great Clips, Uber, and Mint operate in wildly different fields but they all use technology to make life simpler and easier. In the process they make commoners feel like royalty. Services (private drivers, express haircuts, financial advisors, etc.) once reserved for the ultra-rich are now available to the common man. Any company that can make its customers feel like kings is on to something.