iPhone 5S & Affordable Luxuries

Along with millions of other people, I picked up an iPhone 5S last week. For the most part it is a souped up version of my 4S with a better camera.

The one surprise is how well TouchID works. It instantly makes passwords feel outdated. Passwords have been such an irritating impediment since the first iPhone that I refused to use one for years. In classic Apple fashion they took a piece of technology (finger print scanning) that has been clunky forever and transformed it into feeling like the only logical next step in security. Quite an accomplishment of design.

My favorite thing about Apple and their products is that they remain affordable luxuries. The iPhone 5S is the best phone you can buy for any amount of money. It is far from cheap but it is still within reach of 100s of millions of people.

A billionaire could try to spend a 1,000 times more than me on a phone, but their device will be inferior to my $200 iPhone. You cant surpass Apple products by simply throwing together more expensive parts. The amount of design and care required to get everything to work beautifully together is what sets them apart.