Apple's Biggest Design Crime

Let’s say I’m tapping in an email. I’m a stickler for proper capitalization on my iPhone, even when I’m writing my wife, so I’m often tapping the Shift key. But here’s the rub: if, for example, I lose my train of thought, or look up from typing for a second, or become unsure if I actually hit the Shift key or not, there’s no way to tell if the next letter I’m going to type is capitalized or not.

What’s going on? The issue here is the way the letters on the keyboard appear: whether the Shift key is pressed or not, the letters on the iOS keycaps are always capitalized. And because the letters are always capitalized, no normal human being using iOS 7 can tell if the goddamn Shift key is on or off without a healthy amount of trial and error.

Funny to see Fast Company complaining about iOS’s shift key 6 months after me.