Introducing Bevy & The End of Ownership

Why Bevy?

We are big believers that startups have to start with a mission. The world doesn’t need another social app or addicting game to keep us glued to our phones.

We want to create a world where you aren’t restricted by what you own.

We deeply believe in the power of experiences. We are not defined by our possessions; we are defined by the sum of our experiences.

Buying that new gadget won’t change who you are as a person, but an unforgettable weekend camping trip with your friends almost certainly will.

The reality is that many experiences require specialized equipment.

Normally for these activities, you have to buy everything, which is prohibitively expensive for many people and takes up precious storage space 99% of the time when it’s not in use.

Many of us city dwellers live in small apartments and storing a beer pong table in the living room is not well-received. Buying and storing camping or tailgating equipment is completely out of the question.

We are bringing the same access model used by Netflix for movies and Spotify for music to all the other stuff taking up space in your house.

What is Bevy?

Bevy provides everything you need, but don’t want to own, for awesome experiences. We curate the best and easiest to use equipment, drop it off at your door when you need it, and pick it up when you’re done.

These experiences can be social activities like camping, tailgating, picnic, karaoke, and beer pong.

They can be more utilitarian things like cleaning supplies, inflatable mattresses, and tools.

Or gadgets you want to try, but aren’t sure if you want to invest in and buy, like the Oculus Rift (it’s super cool!) and the Nintendo Switch.

We plan to continue adding more experiences, so sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

How does Bevy work?

Check out our list of experiences designed to help you own less and live more.

Pick your dates for our completely free delivery and pickup. No tips accepted! We will make sure you have everything you need for an amazing experience.

Have a blast by yourself or with friends and family. We’ll take everything back when you’re done.

How will the world be different with Bevy?

We hope Bevy can immediately act as a memory catalyst. We want to enable experiences with your friends and family that weren’t possible before Bevy.

Posting photos of your camping trips with your parents, karaoke nights with your friends, or your grandma trying oculus rift for the first time warms our hearts #OwnLessLiveMore.

In the long term, Bevy will be a successful company when people start making buying decisions based on us. We want people to think “Should I really buy this or should I just bevy it?”.

Every item you bevy instead of buying leads to fewer items in landfills and less wasted storage space.

We deeply believe, and science supports, that people are happier when they own fewer, higher quality things, and spend more money on experiences.

How can you get involved?

Give Bevy a try today and share with your friends!

Feedback is the lifeblood of a startup so we would love to hear what you think and any experiences you may want to bevy.

You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Own Less. Live More.

Team Bevy

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