Founders, You Have To Jump!

Colin Keeley: Do you have any parting advice for founders or potential founders that may be listening?

Star Cunningham: Absolutely, so one of the things I said earlier is that you have to jump. If you are thinking about it, you have a window of opportunity, take advantage of it and jump. You’re going to pass by people with parachutes; you’re going to pass by people without parachutes. You’re going to feel like you’re plummeting straight to the ground, but eventually as long as you persevere you’re going to see that success. On that note of perseverance, once you jump, you just have to keep fighting and keep fighting.

I think about that little car that you had when you were a kid, every time it bumped into the wall, it would spin around and it would go a different direction. That’s what entrepreneurship is all about. There will be barriers. there will be hard times. Bump into them, pivot, go in another direction, and make it happen.

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